Pride Martial Arts – Why training in a group is more beneficial than training on your own


If you are looking to get into training or start back up again it always seems like a good idea!

You sit there late Sunday night after watching a Sylvester Stallone movie like Rocky and say to yourself ” I’m going to start tomorrow!” so you set the alarm for 6am to go for a run or the gym and you’ve got the intention of having a nutritious breakfast followed by a protein shake just like Rocky.

The alarm goes off at 6am and you turn it off and say “I’ll start tomorrow” and a pattern starts or the opposite you don’t silence the alarm and you get up and go for the run but it only lasts a few weeks because the aches and pains start and the boredom kicks in and your back were you started.

It is difficult to self-motivate if you haven’t got that mind set!

This is where training in a group can help.

Working in a group is a very social thing you talk to others in the same boat as you but also you talk to people who were the same as you and now they have made a change and love it!

So you got the Dickens theory – Past, Present and Future.

You look at yourself in present and what you want to be in the future but also when you’ve achieved it you look back into the past to remind yourself what you were! Confusing? It’s like looking at an old photo and a recent one and seeing the change.

Motivation in a group comes more natural than working on your own because your all working to achieve the same goal.

For example Martial Arts when you start you’re a white belt and you are looking to reach the top and be a black belt but it’s not an easy task.

You need to train hard learning the techniques but also in the physical fitness area and if you have a group of people all trying to achieve that black belt you’re going to feed off each other’s energy!

You’ll also have people at different skill stages beginner, intermediate, advance and black belt so you can see what your had training will help you grow into and what it is that you are looking to achieve.

Friendships will be built when training in a group and there will be people you will look forward to seeing when you are training but also outside training as well.

Also you will have people help hold you accountable and help keep you on track with your training.

So working in a group will – Motivate, Build Friendships, Accountability, Goal Setting, Energy and the most important Enjoy ability.



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